Youth Outreach & Development

Youth Outreach

CCSCLA has been very active in training and cultivating the youth in our area. In May of 1998, CCSCLA sponsored a youth project called People Organizing for Workplace and Environmental Rights (POWER), a collaboration between two local high schools, Jefferson High School and Fremont High School, and the University of California at Los Angeles-Labor Occupational Safety and Health. CCSCLA and UCLA-LOSH developed a curriculum for the students to learn about issues facing their community and to implement the environmental education they learn. Students learned basic computer skills and, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Point programs. The program empowers students to take charge of and be responsible for their neighborhood, workplace, school, and home.   P.O.W.E.R. was able to keep a contaminated school site closed for one year while environmental remediation was conducted.  The youth received national acclaim for their efforts. CCSCLA, in partnership with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches (LAM) founded Antes Columbus Youth Football Club in 1998 to promote cooperation, recreation and creative competition and teach entrepreneurship for young African American and Latino athletes. We envision Antes Columbus at the center of our community as an after school program to ensure our children’s physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral, economic, and social development. The club aims to produce world-class soccer players, referees, administrators, communicators, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, using every aspect of the game to develop young leaders for our community. The Antes Columbus Youth Football Club program will provide year-round, recreation, training, league and tournament competition.


The Entertainment Industry Training Program (EITP) has been sponsored partially by DreamWorks SKG and Sony Pictures Entertainment. The program has been featured on CNN’s “Turner Entertainment Report,” other local television and radio news broadcasts, Daily Variety, the Los Angeles Sentinel, The Wave, and the Los Angeles Times. It is the first after school program of its kind in the nation. The purpose of EITP is to acquaint inner-city youth (ages 13-18) with jobs behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. In the process, students learn about the correlation between their schoolwork and getting those jobs. Participants work under the supervision of industry professionals on a television and or film project. Workshops are held twice a week. Previous presenters have come from companies such as NBC-TV, Miramax, Fox, Columbia/Tri-Star and DreamWorks SKG. Classes include: producing, writing, directing, set design, production management, location scouting, props, music composing, hair and make-up design, wardrobe, art directing, script supervision, stage direction, camera operation, and video editing etc. Projects that have been produced in the past include: – Public service announcement- “Choices” – Music video for a neighborhood teen – POWER Youth Documentary – Fame 2000- stage direction and video taping.